Rare Pediatric Cancer Support
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Website How To

Our overall website is broken up into sections.  Each section of the website has a different primary topic.  Links to enter these separate sections can be accessed in the 'bar menu', at the top of the page.  So, let me first explain each link on this menu:

Home - general section.  It contains general information about cancer, pediatric cancer, and adult rare cancers.  If you are newly diagnosed you will want to read through this section.

Support -  privately, or openly, correspond with others who have rare adult or pediatric cancers and view stories/information from cancer survivors.

Story - read the personal stories of other rare cancer patients.

Forums - a variety of forums for support and information about rare cancers.

Info - find information out about your particular rare cancer.

News - displays up to date news that impacts the rare adult cancer and pediatric cancer communities.

Words - Cancer Dictionary - Cancer terminology and acronyms.

Events - View our forum Cancer Calendar of Events.

SiteMap - lists every page on this website, categorized by section.  You will find this helpful if you have difficulty with the navigation of the expandable menus.

Twitter - Follow me on Twitter.

Expandable Menu Navigation

Each page of this website will have an expandable menu at the upper left.  As you move your mouse through the items, the menu will expand.  Each menu has been organized to hopefully help you find the particular information that you would like to view.  The viewable pages, will be to the right of the icon (in the final column of expansion).  The type will turn red as your mouse points to that item.  When you click on the item, you will be taken to that particular page.

Because of the many pages in this website, you may find your self a 'little lost' occasionally.  You can use one of three methods to overcome this:

Click on the Home link in the bar menu to start at the entry page of the entire website.

Click on the Section Logo at the top of each page to take you to the entry page of that section.

Click on the SiteMap link in the bar menu to view all of the pages of the website.

The Cancer Dictionary and Forums have their own search engines.

Links Within Each Page

That completes the explanation for the menu navigation.  Now I need to explain the method used to link out to other websites.  You will see blue highlighted words within the body of many pages.  These are called clickable links. If you click on any of them, they will take you to an external website, leaving the Rare Cancer website open in the background of your  browser.  You can then look through the contents of the external website, and when you are done, exit out of that screen (usually by clicking on the X to the top right of that browser window).  Your original Rare Cancer web page will now be showing in your browser window.

Many of the words within each page are highlighted in blue.  This is to help you understand the terminology.  If you see a word you do not understand, you can click on that word.  A new window will be opened that will show you that word's description in the Cancer Dictionary.