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Rare Cancers & Tumors

Welcome to the Rare Cancer Alliance (RCA) website. If you are newly diagnosed with a rare type of cancer or a pediatric cancer; you are no longer alone. RCA's primary purpose is to disseminate information and provide support to all pediatric (childhood) and adult rare cancer patients. In the Forums you will find people just like you - patients and survivors. There are mostly private forums, by rare cancer type, within categories. When you have access to a forum, you also have access to all of the private forums within the same category. Some of the forums are publicly viewable and they are marked as such so you will not post info you want to remain private within them. If you join a forum, PLEASE post a little about your own diagnosis, so far, by going to the Introduce Yourself topic and hitting the Reply button there. You can also read some of the other patient stories, publicly posted, in the Story section. Our members are people who have had to go through the process of wading through information (or lack of it) for their own cancer. The information and support found on our website may save you precious time and energy.

Within several main section of the website, you will see an expandable menu at the upper left (like this one). They have access to many additional pages of information within each menu choice. Just glide your mouse over each entry and they will expand out to the right to pages or additional submenus. There is a lot of info on this website & the menu will give you quick access to some of it. If you want to see all pages, just click on the Sitemap link at the upper right.

RCA's secondary purpose is to offer a consolidated venue to raise awareness and funding for rare cancer research, which seldom benefits from donations made to general cancer research organizations. Many rare cancers have unique traits with specialized treatment needs. Please visit our page on Research Funds. RCA welcomes new information on other research funds.

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Use the 'expandable menu' (upper left) to reach links for various types of cancer info. As it expands, click on the link you want. Click on the top of page logo to return to the start page of this section. The 'bar menu' will navigate through these areas of the website:

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Cancer Events - fundraising, support, and other events, in a calendar format.

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