Please add me to your prayer list

Please add me to your prayer list

Postby NurseFran » Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:06 pm

I have just signed in after a long period away from the forum and noticed the Prayer Request section for the first time. I stongly believe in the healing power of prayer and support this site with fevor! I have been fighting PMP for 4 years now and have had many friends pray for me especially during surgeries. I believe that because of these prayers, I was able to feel peaceful and secure as I headed for surgery and during my recovery.
I am adding all of you that I have recently read about to my daily prayer list with the request for healing and the grace that you need for what you are dealing with. I beleive by asking, God will be there with you.
I am also asking to be added to anyone else's list who might be willing to ask for healing prayers for me. I had a 3rd surgery one year ago but the ascites is now coming back and I pray that the Lord will keep it minimal, heal me both physically and mentally, and give me the grace to deal with what may come. I am holding on to the belief that He will give me more time to be with family. My husband and I just moved i retirement to be closer to our only son and are cherishing this time.
Praise the Lord for all the help He has given to us all past and future. Thank you all for being there and believing too.
Praying for you daily! : thanks :
Fran L.
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Re: Please add me to your prayer list

Postby sharon » Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:58 am


Just saw your post and will be happy to say prayers for you. :hug:
Take Care, Sharon - Administrator
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