Newly diagnosed phyllodes tumor

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Newly diagnosed phyllodes tumor

Postby Kanga » Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:36 pm

Our 22 year old daughter noted a tiny breast lump in June 2009. Doctors carefully examined it at the time and declared it a fibroadenoma and left it alone. Since then it has grown. At 3 cm it was checked and biopsied and again allowed to remain untouched. It continued to grow so we tried another doctor who was alarmed, sent her to yet another specialist, and the now 8 cm lump will be removed January 15.He plans to just "scoop" the lump out with his finger, wait for the concertinaed breast to resume its normal shape and then, if it is a benign phyllodes tumor as he strongly suspects, go back in and remove all the scar tissue. This will avoid taking any more breast tissue than is necessary. This specialist says he has seen 20 phyllodes tumors each year for 13 years, regularly presents on them internationally at medical symposiums but has no information on why they appear.
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Cancer Diagnosis: phyllodes tumor
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