What prayer has done for me

What prayer has done for me

Postby Rosemary » Thu Jan 19, 2006 8:53 am

I was diagnosed with angiosarcoma of the face & scalp on August 8th, 2005. On August 11th, I went on a two week cruise in Alaska with my best friend. I needed to do that.
My doctors scheduled a full body scan for the 29th to find out if the cancer was in my liver or lungs. I was told that I wouldn't live long if it had.
On the 28th, my birthday, my son, daughter, their families, & a few other family & friends came to my home for a birthday luncheon. After lunch my yard & driveway started filling up with people from my, my son's, & my daughter's church. I counted exactly 100 people. They all held hands in a big circle in my front yard praying for my test results & my doctors...ect. Then they all sang Trust & Obey. Those prayers were answered! My test came back negative. I know that many people continue to pray for me, & for this I am truly grateful.
I've always believed in the power of prayer, but that day I felt more peaceful about my situation. I'm going to have a sinus scan nest week, & another full body scan the week after. Please pray for me.
Thank You,

Postby heavnbnd24 » Sat May 19, 2007 11:35 am

Not much is written here in the Prayer Section but I can certainly add that faith, hope and PRAYER are most powerful in fighting off these cancer demons! A fellow at my church had a large cancer tumor in his gut and given only 3 months to live. Because of the pain the doctors felt a surgery to alleviate the pressure would improve his last few months. Four hours into the surgery, they came out scratching their heads! They spent the entire 4 hours searching for what "was" there and had simply vanished. I've seen this happen more once. I love to hear our gifted surgeons come out and say, "It had to be a miracle." Truth be told, it WAS as miracle (something only God could do). Our prayers (over 400 of us together!) allowed our brother to live and breathe these last 20 years! Fervent prayers are always heard.

Blessings to all who desire to pray and those we are praying for. :console: Judy, CA

Postby tpapi76 » Thu Nov 01, 2007 6:38 am

I need pray please my name is Tony and I believe that God will heal me!!!!!!!! Please pray for me and spread the word for all to pray for me... Tony

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